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ADHD? Social Issues? Dyslexia? Other learning difficulties? Does your child just need a caring mentor? You’ll find relief for your issues here at The Mentor Tutors

Schools may be out, but the learning continues. Please ask about the special rates for our online tutoring. Your child can keep up with their studies while in the safety and comfort of your home. Call now.

After 25 Successful Years In Los Angeles, The Mentor Tutors Has Opened Facilities Here In The Holy Land

David A. Menter, owner and operator of The Mentor Tutors, has been a private tutor and classroom teacher in grades 2-11 for 25 years. Specializing in working with children who simply didn’t fit in with the style of education offered in their classrooms, David has learned to determine the best path for each child, based on their unique strengths and talents. As a result, these students (and their parents) are able to move from frustration to confidence born of success.
The Mentor Tutors teaches all secular subjects, from reading and writing to math, science, history, and government. Our prices are truly competitive, and we are committed to working with families to ensure an affordable education for their children. All of our sessions are one-on-one because every child has specific motivators that help them learn. We take advantage of those motivators to tutor your child to success.


Previous Successes

David Menter and The Mentor Tutors worked with four of my children. They developed a very close relationship and they truly love David! They had so much fun working with him that each child looked forward to him coming every single day.
Clemo Levy
David is an excellent pedagogue who has shown hard work, imagination, and talent…providing students with the basic tools and knowledge they so much need. For the first time in his school career, my son has learned study skills: how to outline, how to look up unfamiliar words, how to take notes, and how to study for tests.
Steven and Marilynn Lowenstein



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The Mentor Tutors caters to an array of different needs. No matter the degree of assistance the student requires, we’re equipped to handle it. We tutor all secular studies subjects, and we also teach ESL to both children and adults who wish to learn the English language or improve upon what they already know.

We work with most of our students in our offices in Moshav Matityahu; if we receive multiple requests to travel to a particular area, however, we are happy to send someone.

We are also now teaching over Zoom so your child can learn from the privacy of your own home.

Our prices vary depending upon how many hours per week we meet. The more hours we meet per week, the lower the hourly rate. Special pricing is available for families who send us more than one student. We also work with the individual to help make our service affordable.

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HaRav Hutner 30 Matityahu, Israel 7191700

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